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After attentive and precise analysis made by few online casino enthusiasts in the past years, we pride ourselves to present you a project named All our online casino experts have dedicated significant part of their lives in a close connection to the gaming industry.
Combining a professional manner with fully educational purpose, we aim to review best online casinos with plurality of features they offer. We'd like to note that under professional manner we mean reviews created by experienced and passionate authors. On other hand all articles have been written on perfectly understandable language and with simple, but meanwhile effective words.
This doesn't mean our casino experts will stop adding more fresh content. Our readers can expect constant updates and huge diversity of online casino articles - from A to Z.


Due to the sheer range of brands, users may face a thoughtful dilemma while choosing a secure online casino. Some gamblers like to play at just one site, others at multiple casinos. The latter is usually prefered by players who behave like bonus hunters and would rather playing on different venues, using numerous casino bonuses. First method is preferable for another reason, mostly by players who are tempted by casinos offering special bonuses and promotions against loyalty. Our crew of casino experts is online 24x7 and ready to advise all visitors about perspectives to play free or real money casino games.
If you want to find the best online casino, then you must pay attention on few important terms. We can describe them as some of the basics every casino enthusiast needs to know about online gambling. Otherwise, players could miss out some amazing features such as free spins on latest online casino slots, no deposit real money, fast payouts inspired by tremendous bonuses.

Play in Online Casinos offering all Game Types

Normally players want to play in an online gaming house built by a material based on maximum assortment of games in each type. There are online casinos that offer between 100 and 500 games but nowadays we can easily find rooms with up to 1000, or sometimes even greater amount of games.
Different game types involve: Slots (Vegas, 3D, Classic and Video Slots), Poker Games (with live dealers, Video Poker, 3-card Poker, Caribbean Stud poker), Roulette (European, American, etc.), Baccarat, Blackjack, Bing, Keno and much more. These are the essentials for every online casino.

Basics players need to know if they wanna be Online Casino Pros

We must consider that people have different taste and all players seek for selection of games they love playing. Of course, we are speaking about gambling and we highly doubt someone is willing to spend money on playing something which he doesn't want to or he is not so aware with. Good moment to remind you once more that online casinos offer broad variety of games, which everyone enjoys playing the most.
Players may choose a gaming house through different preferences but admittedly one of the most efficient ways for casino comparison is to create a checklist. Like we from already did, as we have prepared unbiased online casino reviews and ranked each site based on most important characteristics. In few words we recommend the following criteria when you are about to take a decision:

Casino History – License, Foundation and Payouts

It has been proved that older online casinos, that are also well-settled on the markets, are the most reputable and generous as regards the RTP (return to player) payout percentage. This automatically testifies for a verified and long-term licensing by appropriate gambling authorities, as well as for detailed payout history.

Bonuses and Promotions

That's the favourite part for huge percent of the gambling enthusiasts and they would place casino bonuses on top of the chart. Trust us, we don't want to underestimate them and we are placing promotions on the second position after all. But we do believe that most important factor for an online casino is its legitimacy. Otherwise, even if you successfully claim a bonus from random casino, you can be unpleasantly surprised when the time for a withdrawal comes. As soon as players are sure about an online casino's legitimacy, they can proceed with the next step and find out is there a good deposit deal, or why not a no deposit real money as a bonus?

Free Spins

Well, all lovers of online slots will be eager to play their favourite casino games and free spins are always a great reward! This can be a great addition to the regular bonuses and promotions.

Currencies and Multilingualism

Every visitor prefers to meet with general terms and conditions on his own language. That's always a strong argument and online casinos work hard to ensure multilingual interface for the players. Besides variety of options available in the language bar, online casinos support a great range of currencies and players can confidently manage their cashier in own currency.

Software Providers and Game Distributors

Plenitude of software providers supply huge number of games to the online casino operators and all of them sparkle with eye-catching graphics. We would put forward some of the leading game distributors such as NetEnt, Playtech, Microgaming, so it's always admirable when a casino works with them.

Banking and Payment Methods

After mentioning "cashier" upwards, we simply can't miss to pay special attention on banking and its importance. Players should seek out an online gambling platform offering fast withdrawals in shortest term. This also includes diversity of online payment solutions and e-wallets. Yet it comes to your own money and security of financial transactions.

Customer Services and Support

Receiving a proper attention by online casinos is a must and elements like 24x7 customer support via live chat, phone, email are all mandatory. Good reception in a casino and helpful customer support are services going hand to hand with an above mentioned importance of easy banking and vast selection of payment methods.

Evolution of Online Gambling Worldwide

We strive to review Best Online Casino sites delivering top-rate services to every spot of the world. And since our main website version is on English, this mostly concerns players from countries where English is a native language. However, huge number of the global internet users understand English and use it whether for work or for another activity.
Sometimes simple knowledge is more than enough but since our website reviews gambling products, we would like to focus on audience that realizes all risks. Elementary knowledge of simple words is more than enough to help you spinning a slot, undoubtedly. But some other times you may need more from that to feel sure when entering your own personal data, accepting terms and conditions, or even when you're trying to get a bonus. That's why we believe players from English-speaking countries will appreciate the special attention and may contribute by sharing their personal experience as a feedback.

English speaking markets as a bedrock of online casino gaming

In fact countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and even South Africa, where English is a primary language, are part of a huge global gambling market. They all have different search engines, time zones, news sites, etc. English is a common language and this makes them suitable for our online casino guide. Therefore, if you are a resident of one from following countries and you are looking for a new online casino with great bonus offers, then you should definitely follow our page. We promise fresh content and wide range of online casinos with special promotions for customers from the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. Players may even grab a No Deposit Bonus or Free Spins to kick-off their casino journey!

Reliable Online Casinos recommending Safe and Responsible Gambling

All online casino brands which are placed on our page are fully safe, secured (100%) and verified by appropriate authorities. Our crew contributes with solid casino knowledge, based on fusion between previous impressions and our latest browsing. We have carefully reviewed some of the most reputable and trusted brands on the online casino markets in countries like Australia, Canada and USA. This improves confidence of all readers, who can recognize most names on our page, but they can also find a new casino with great bonuses. This can happen quite easily if you trust to our casino experts, who have already prepared their analysis. So basically they are those who will keep up to date, with latest and generous casino bonuses.

Best Online Casinos on global gaming markets

In this particular section you can find detailed reviews for some of the Best Online Casinos in all regions worldwide. Starting with the United Kingdom and most English speaking countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Republic of Ireland and the United States of America. Of course, you can review more of the best online casinos for rest of Europe. This includes Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria and other EU countries. Separated on different regions for user's convenience - Northern Europe, Southern Europe, Central and Eastern Europe.

Top Online Casinos in the United Kingdom

In parallel with incredible technological development in past decades, internet has been flooded with vast number of online casinos. That's pretty much valid for the United Kingdom in particular, as one of the leading global markets and search engines. Not only because country's large population, but due to popularity and international importance of the English language. Some of these UK Online Casinos have built a reputation, others are improving, third are yet to come. There are other online casinos which will either develop from now on, or they will remain completely unknown for players in the UK. However, there is another group which contains some of the biggest online casinos planning to acquire UK license, or they have just made serious step ahead.
Our main ambition is preparing of unique content, reviewing only fully licensed and eligible casino operators. They must provide legal services in any of the respective jurisdictions, as well as working with reliable software providers. Since this paragraph is about the United Kingdom, all gambling services demand an issued license by the UK Gambling Commission. Indeed, every UK Online Casino must have it in order to fulfill requirements of domestic gambling authorities.
Thus you can be certain reviews only verified Online Casinos with proper license by the UK Gambling Commission.

Online Gambling and Best Casinos in the USA

United States of America or the USA in brief, is known as one of the major online gambling markets. Even if we can anticipate new regulation by the US gambling authorities in near future, this should not be an issue for the players. Not at all, on the contrary, it will highlight only reputable online casinos with permission to accept Americans. That's why the US gambling market deserves special attention not only due to the rich history it owns, but because we can always expect innovations. Our page works with a purpose to point out the Best US online casinos we expect in 2017. We believe every person realizes importance of the USD (United States Dollars) not only for the US players in particular, but on the global markets. Choose from a list of most American-friendly online casinos offering remarkable games selection and bonus features. This often includes a mixture of best online slots with free spins or a no deposit bonus that carries real money in free cash.

Best Online Casinos in Canada

Here you can browse among a list of best online casinos in Canada. Our list includes a comprehensive selection of top online casinos operating in the great north of America featuring only trusted and reputable Canadian sites. All of them allow Canadians to play in own currency (Canadian dollars) and provide some additional benefits. Like special rewards, great deposit and even and no deposit bonuses, free spins on favourite online slots, all of them within a massive game selection. Whether you are an amateur or a real connoisseur when it comes to online casino games, you are able to play everything from Blackjack and Slots to Poker and Roulette. If you're looking for online casinos offering special hospitality to players from Canada, you can surely pick out from our top casino recommendations!

Best Online Casinos in Australia

Aussies can also feel privileged as our experts have compiled a list filled by names of best online casinos in Australia. Consequently every top operator works with Australian dollars so players can easily manage their banking in own currency. Online casinos with certain focus on users from Australia are well-aware about the Pokies, as well as for interests towards slot machines and video slots. Our authors recommend sites having exclusive rewards, great promotions with free spins, no deposit cash and high percentages on deposit bonuses. Moreover, Australian casino lovers will find variety of games online and enjoy to classics like Blackjack, Roulette, different Poker types and far beyond.

Best European Online Casinos

Likewise situation in the UK, Europe represents one of the most meaningful markets when we speak about online casino gaming. Plus, Europe is a broad term and includes countries spreading on different regions of the continent. And if we keep in mind that the Republic of Ireland is the only member of the European Union (except the United Kingdom, before "Brexit") which speaks English as a native language, situation seems really multilingual. However, nowadays most European citizens can speak English which doesn't mean they do not seek articles on native language in a first place. Actually they would rather doing it and that's why every online casino does its best to get a better exposure and more reliable affiliates for each region, respectively on a particular search engine.
Advertisements on popular pages in a targeted country, on the TV screen and even at offline banners - few signs fully demonstrating how much online gambling has grown in the past years. Advertising packages and restrictions are relevant according to gambling policy and laws each country has issued, but generally internet still brings biggest traffic.
Our online casino guide steps forward with a leading objective to represent greatest number of trustworthy European online casinos to millions of gaming enthusiasts. This will inevitably help them avoiding potential interactions with unlicensed operators and you players won't be victims of a fraud. Nor a victim of any other type internet fraudulence.

Top Online Casino Rooms in Europe

Europe includes countries which are mostly EU members, but there are others which are not. For example countries like Iceland, Switzerland and Norway are not members of the European Union. Nevertheless, they are still vital part of the geopolitical climate, technological and economic progress within old continent. Some other countries from Eastern Europe are planning to join the EU but there are others which do not show similar intention.
Despite all political and economical differences, Europe is a mainland of different cultures and nations, which has its mark over gambling as well. Most countries have their own gambling laws and regulatory authorities, making the acquirement of online gambling license easier in some states, but not for others.
All listed circumstances perform kind of complicated atmosphere for various Online Casino operators in Europe. Anyway, European customers can feel safe about their personal data and money, since all these authorities are strict in licensing. That is actually something totally in user's favour, so all taxes and regulations are care of the gambling operators.

Comprehensive Online Casino Reviews and unbiased Ratings

Driven by an inspiration to review only reliable online casinos our team took into consideration a lot of personal comments and player testimonials. This might as well comprise some private talks, forum posts, blogs and feedback by players from all over the world. But the most important impressions we can proudly share to our readers emerge out of personal experience and all direct interactions we had with casinos, their customer staff and even managers.
Leastwise, we must highlight discussions between our authors and casino experts from other analogous websites. Some casino review networks may hesitate to accept analysts from other pages as a potential partners and look on them like rivals for some reason. Contrary, we are keen for a constructive cooperation and we sincerely believe this should carry only positives to the players. Since they all have something in common while looking for trusted source of unprejudiced online casino reviews.

Creation of a responsible and unbiased casino rating system

These circumstances make most readers wonder how we virtually form our online casino ratings and how unbiased they really are? Other questions which users usually ask are: What are the main components we primarily take into consideration, as well as what is the exact contribution of our reviews? A good reason why we would like to share few important notes about preparation and writing of a casino review.
First of all we want to make sure every Online Casino has been licensed and we carefully check that. Sometimes even few times, in order to be absolutely certain.
Once we verify its legitimation, our casino analysts are ready to immerse themselves even deeper. This frequently incites us to learn more about a particular casino, about company behind its name, for how long they have been online, whether there are other platforms behind that company and do they own licenses to operate in other gambling jurisdictions. Basically all kind of useful information to make us sure that a casino is authorized and players can enjoy their online spell without any complaints.

Casino Bonus legitimacy and important requirements

Let us assume bonuses always are the most attractive part for every player, so we can start from that point. Our analysts are always trying to find is there any free bonus available - Free Spins, No Deposit, etc.
If there is, be sure we will publish it on top or as a headline. This simply means players will get non stop casino bonuses if they follow us, including No Deposit Free Spins and No Deposit Cash as a part of different promotions.
In case we can't find any free bonus available, we try to demand one. Or at least to find out which is the most generous bonus in a casino. Thereafter, we write a list of bonuses you can find in that gaming house and we carry on.
Next step is collecting additional information about game selection, software suppliers, bonus terms and conditions, payment methods, etc.

Choose the best deposit method and get another bonus!

Rankings and stats of any listed casino will assist you taking some wise decisions. That's right, if a player proceeds and makes a deposit by using appropriate payment method, online casinos can surprise you with another special bonus.
Existing deposit bonuses are freely at player's disposal and easy to be noticed if you browse our comprehensive online casino reviews.
Our services are without any charges and you can read all articles at for free!