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Some of you may wonder what is the exact value of an online casino cashback bonus and we are ready with a proper answer. Of course, another significant purpose of our casino experts is sorting out the most profitable Cashback bonuses available at best online casinos.

What is a Cashback Bonus?

In a few words: Cashback Bonus is a fine way to refund part of the lost stake. In other words – cashback bonus represents a percent coming as a moneyback of the money which player has lost while playing online casino games. Basically that bonus carries pure value since it returns cash you have already lost.
Sometimes Cashback works with bonus funds or it can refund the lost stake in real money. Difference is that if your money are credited back as bonus funds, then you may have special wagering requirements on them. Otherwise they are free from any terms and you can decide what to do with them – whether to play again or to proceed with a withdrawal.

Will I really get part of the lost money back?

Unquestionably, a cashback bonus exists as a consolation after suffered loss and it’s based on a player’s net loss for a period of time. Furthermore, it may also apply on a particular game but under all possible circumstances cashback bonuses are calculated according to a fixed percentage.
Most times percentages vary between 5% and 25% but we can always have an exception from the common rules. And yes, you really receive part of the lost money back with no need to make another deposit!

How does the Cashback Bonus really works?

We have already mentioned the cashback bonuses may vary from casino to a casino. Thus we do believe that examples are always helpful and let us mark them with some theory.
In some cases players get part of the lost money back to their accounts or sometimes the cashback works on specific online casino games. Thereby casinos are trying to keep players interested by encouraging them with another chance on a chosen game selection. Anyhow, this brings you only positives without any risk of losing more.
Nevertheless, in most occasions money are credited back to a player’s cashier as a calculated unit for a fixed period of time. Like we wrote, examples always work well so let’s move on.

Example 1:

We assume a player decides to open his new account and makes a £100 deposit at the 10Bet Online Casino. Same operator offers a 15% Cashback Bonus over the lost money for a very popular online slot like “Starburst”. If same player losses all the cash on that game, hopefully not, he will find a consolation with getting 15% of the lost cash back – simple calculations estimate it on £15.

Example 2:

We have one of the Best NetEnt Casinos offering an exclusive 10% Cashback Bonus on daily losses. Single player starts his journey at Spinit Casino with a £200 bankroll and after dedicated spinning he gathers £400 at end of the day. Obviously it has been a good day and that player has overall net profit, meaning he doesn’t qualify. However, if he lose £200, he will get £20 back.

Example 3:

We have a third gaming hall that strikes with a tempting bonus such as a 25% Cashback up to £100. Simple calculations show that if a player lose maximum bonus amount he will be awarded with £25 back, which is kind of a consolation and can help you regaining all lost funds.

How to qualify for an Exclusive Cashback Bonus?

Various online casinos may provide privileges to players who have earned a special status and respectively participate in their VIP/Loyalty campaigns. This virtually wins higher cashback percentage and better real money refunding to the users who invest more.
Other casinos work with standard cashback features – on a daily, weekly or monthly base. This pretty much depends by different software providers and options they develop.
If there are any settled wagering requirements on a Cashback bonus, players who have a special status may be free of them. In some other cases wagering requirements can be extremely low – like the bonus should be wagered only once, while in other casinos that number can be higher and reach or even pass 10 times (x10).

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