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There is something for everyone on the board as we are prepared for these online casino lovers who are seeking the high pot and they’re keen to stake big. You can take a look to our list of Online Casinos that offer something in particular for the High Rollers and they have really good exposure at

How can I qualify for a High Roller Casino Bonus?

You can get the High Roller bonus as a typical gift from some casinos which have main target to find players who are ready to make bigger deposits, but at once. This goes with some exclusive offers which include things like better bonus percentage for every higher deposit amount, as well as the wagering requirements are lower, which virtually means they’re easier to be met.
As a brief conclusion – the more money you plan to invest, the more profits you may earn as part of your bonus package. If casino games are your hobby or just part of it, you have enough money to roll and you’re eager for some big pots, respectively for bigger possible winnings – we simply can’t offer something better than the High Roller bonus.
Substantial part from the High Rollers are playing on the table games (Blackjack, Baccarat, etc.) but with the years we can also find a lot at the other games like in the progressive games and the slots, which are an opened doors for a possible remarkable jackpot success. Isn’t that the hidden aim of every gambler?

How to receive my High Roller Bonus?

That’s most likely the first question which pops out in your mind! Well, they (the high roller bonuses) are working pretty much like the regular offers as the main difference comes with the higher deposit amount. The minimum deposit required goes higher as well, obviously, as well as the bonus amount by itself.
Like always, it will be better if we make a comparison with some of the other bonus offers as the example always helps out. If we take the most common Welcome Bonus (100%) – maximum deposit is fixed on $/€/£200 . In this case the High Roller bonus can be in a diapason between $/€/£500 to $/€/£1000+.
However, you’ll receive a lower matching deposit rate, but in exchange of it you’ll get much bigger bonus money into your account. Mentioned “deposit rate” will drop from 100% to perhaps 60%, so you can calculate by your own what is the difference here if you deposit $/€/£100 and have $/€/£200, and if you deposit $/€/£1000 (for example) and have $/€/£1600…
There are some online casinos where customers prefer to increase their balance with a high roller bonus, instead of the initial welcome bonus offers, because you can get more, especially if the reload bonus rate you get drop crustily – around 20 to 30%…

Best Online Casino High Roller Offers can be found at

Every casino decides about its own policy and possible High Roller bonuses, so there aren’t any specific or fixed rules when it comes to them. Mostly depends by the chosen casino. We are willing to improve the number of bonus in our chart as we aim to make a ranking for the best casinos as it goes for a fusion between the bonus amount and the matching rate.
Special attention should be turned on the specific terms and conditions which are valid for the bonus – you surely know about what we’re talking again – potential wagering requirements, game contributions and the time limits.
You must consider that casinos which offer such a bonus are mostly with very good reputation and you can feel safe about your transaction. Even more, you can also check for an extra bonus which may come from the selected deposit method.
Occasionally, due to the higher size of the deposits made, this can be really helpful for the specific player as he will be trusted in eyes of the casino’s support and management, so when the casino increases its trust factor over the players, this can bring them only benefits – perhaps lower wagering requirements. If you have such, the high roller bonus automatically becomes one of the greatest deals which you may get by the online casinos.
Despite all the positives exposed here, you must acquire some fundamental knowledge about the reviewed bonuses. You just can’t and shouldn’t place such a massive sum in a deposit, without informing yourself about the potential requirements and rules.
Likewise in the Welcome Bonuses, you have to check that you won’t make any waste, or that you won’t deposit under the minimum sum required. Anyway, The High Roller bonuses are a bit different than the regular bonuses. You’ll receive a bonus which is matching to the “minimum” amount, but at the same time if you deposit more than the minimum, you won’t get more of the fixed bonus.
For example – if you plan to claim for a High Roller bonus with a deal “Deposit minimum of $1200 and get more $1200” – that’s same as the 100% bonus, but if you deposit more from 1200% you won’t get more, so virtually it’s not a 100% bonus – more likely a matching bonus.

Wagering Requirement for a High Roller Bonus

As in every casino bonus, high roller bonuses are with their related wagering requirements and we highly doubt that someone didn’t expected such, since we are speaking for higher amounts here. Logically, you must cover the usual requirements which are once again – the amount you must wager before you can become eligible for any kind of withdrawal of the bonus money you play with. Can be known as a “playthrough” condition as well, but in most cases it’s “wagering requirement”. As in the other bonuses, the specific requirements remain as a multiple of the bonus (on times on bonus + deposit).
Example: You are claiming for a 1000% High Roller bonus which goes with 10x requirement (x10) – basic knowledge of mathematics will show you that you must wager $10 000 in bets, before becoming eligible for any withdraw of bonus funds. We cannot fail to emphasize that there are special casinos offering some great offers for High Rollers and respectively lower wagering requirements. Perhaps one from the most notable things you must consider in such a bonus.

Is there any time limit set for a particular High Roller Bonus?

Another very substantial factor you must consider is the possible time limitation you may have. That’s the total time you have to fulfill the wagering requirements or in other case all winnings and bonus funds can be marked as void. All scheduled time limits you have out there can vary depending from the different operators, but in general it’s simple to make a conclusion that a longer time range gives you more flexibility and winning opportunities.

Online Casino Games have different contributions for the High Rollers

Like in most of the online casinos, not all games will have the same contribution towards the wagering requirement. Online Slots and some of the instant games (scratch cards for example) are those which will contribute with 100%, which basically means that every single bet you made there will have full contribution to the WR, while for example card and table games will contribute less. Percentage of their contribution can vary in the different casinos or by the games. Nonetheless, we should make one important clarification that comes from fact that compared to all regular welcome bonus offers, high roller bonuses can come through a better deal, since they’ll have better game contributions for table and card games. Once again – these percentages and ratios mostly depend from each online casino operator.