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We from assure you that all your personal data/information collected remains strictly confidential as our policy is simple – to respect your privacy! This automatically means that any type of information won’t be used in any particular way and it remains firmly classified. In a few words – this means it won’t be used for any purpose like to be disclosed, sold, rented, etc.We don’t trade with any kind of information as our main target comes with the privacy of our customers, so basically you can feel safe for your personal information. In fact, we don’t collect any personal information and the only thing you may have to share is your email when leaving a comment in some article/blog post/review.We must inform you that your personal website logs may be used for personal (of our website) purpose, only within our page needs – for any further improvement and development of the content you can, or you’ll find in our site. However, all available logs aren’t able to be recognized in a personal way, so this means that we can’t make an attempt to connect any specific IP address or profile with a relevant individuality.
All privacy guidelines are strictly followed by our security software as we also guarantee that our website won’t redirect you to any page which can be considered for a threat of your personal data safety, as well as of your software. All advertisements are officially licensed and fully legal and you must be sure that you meet the respective requirements in the country of your residence. likes to inform you that our page uses cookies and this comes with one simple goal – in order to follow the traffic which comes from other websites, and also leaving to other pages. So be sure that usage of cookies here isn’t an attempt for linking with any individuality either personal keeps all rights for possible changes in our Privacy Policy at any time, so please make yourself sure for any rotations on time. This can simply happen if you follow regularly our Privacy Policy page.
By working with some verified and trusted partners, mostly for the successful and multiple optimization of our website, we try to secure you better and more excellent facilities for a comfortable stay. This means that we share side of our work an internet business company (still everyone should use the services of an internet provider) and with a marketing agency, which is something very ordinary in the online business, so they help us with the measure of advertising effectiveness and about the customer’s usage of it. Thus we want to inform you about the usage of some particular and legitimate elements in the online marketing – like the already mentioned cookies as an example.
Information we collect here includes data filled by the visitors as they may enter it in the different pages, forms or blanks we may have here. This goes in our records and its purpose help us, possibly to our partners too, with the better analyzes of our traffic, respectively with our scientific research. We have a complete control over the sent and received data, which is also strongly protected so you can feel safe in all aspects of your stay, even when you’re not already logged into our website.As brief summary of the main things you need to know:1) Not familiar with the cookies? Well, these here are not for eating. The so mentioned cookies are actually very small text files which are stored on your hard drive, possibly by the web page server or by the website. They (the cookies) will help you with the storage of your private preferences (customisation), which you normally set while browsing in a particular website. So logically you’ll receive a cookie by visiting, but however, you shouldn’t be worried at all. This happens in most of the pages you visit, although you may not realize it. We already mentioned that we use them only for marketing purpose but this also may come for other helpful services or even to detect a potential frauds/scam. Nevertheless, you can disable all cookies on your browser’s preferences, but thus you won’t be able to use all functions which our page provides.2) You should be informed that your IP (Internet Protocol) address is suddenly and automatically reported to a page you visit. They (the IP addresses) can reveal some specific details like your country, region, city, even details about your operating system, browsers and your internet provider. All information which we keep here is once again – only for statistical and marketing purposes, for an improvement of our services and the products our company creates. Of course, it is useful for a prevention of any kind of fraudulence.3) Our company doesn’t trade with any information about its customers which also includes transfers, share or any attempt to disclose your personal details. We deserve the right to disclose part of the information only to our very trusted partners and third parties which fulfill all the requirements for strict confidentiality.
However, we can’t ensure any guarantee against the exploitation of your information at third party pages, linked from and to offers particular marketing materials, services and advertisement of products who are not targeting children or to any person who’s under the adult age of a specific country (mostly 18 years). Please visit and meet yourself with our Terms and Conditions.
5) We also keep the right to release user’s information if it’s required by the official authorities, and if it’s by law in order to observe any legal processes.For any further questions don’t hesitate to contact us or to leave your suggestions at